Monday, October 29, 2007

Cookie-Cookie-Cookie starts with C

My mother's birthday was this month. I decided to make her tea cup (like the one posted here only better - pictures of it later on). I though that the cup wasn't enough, so I was going to make a cookie jar full of cookies to go with it. Great idea in theory. It took much longer that I though it would. The cookies were the worst part. I think I made the jar bigger than it needed to be. I ended up making 20 cookies to go in it and it didn't even fill it half way. I stuffed the bottom with tissue paper and set the cookies on top of it. I also use chocolate scented oil to make them smell more like cookies and less like yarn.

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One inside the jar:

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All done with Red Heart on a f hook. The jar was my own pattern. The cookies were from this pattern (pdf file).


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Bev Love said...

Yummy, that is the coolest cookie jar and cookies EVER.

YarnYokel said...

I love it! Little oreo cookies, how creative. I just love seeing peoples creative ideas. Thanks for sharing that.