Sunday, August 26, 2007

Punisher intarsia part 2

After making my first intarsia piece, I knew I wanted to do another one. The last Punisher piece (blog post here) I did was just to see if I could do it. I looked at it for about a month before I decided on what to do with it. I finally made my decision and that involved making another intarsia piece of the same size and shape. I went with a different type of Punisher logo:

Image Hosted by

I decided to do just the right side one to keep the size the same.

Here's a work in progress picture with the grid:

Image Hosted by

And the finished piece:

Image Hosted by

Hopefully, I'll have the entire thing together to show you my final vision sometime soon. I'm thinking by next week. *crosses fingers*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August Trade Squares

I've finished up my August trade squares for this month. A crocheting friend asked for a bit of help with a pattern she had found online. After trying out the pattern, I liked it so much that I made all 4 of my squares the same. A first for me.

The pattern is called Circle of Friends Square. I used Red Heart Super Saver Fleck in Aran Fleck on a H hook.

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My camera doesn't do the square justice. It has all kinds of texture and interesting details you just can't see in the image. I only took one picture this month. No need to take a picture of each square when they all look the same.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Love to Share - Share a Square

This project has been brought to my attention via Live Journal. It is a great idea. It's so easy to just make a 6" x 6" square. I know I can make several of them in just an hour. I plan on a bunch and send them off next week. I hope all the crocheters out there will at least send in a square or two.

Here are the links:

Original post

Square instructions

Pictures of my squares to come soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Mala Beads and Pouches

I have some more sets of mala beads and pouches for them. First up is a set I made for my friend. 108 wood beads, turquoise separator beads on cotton cord. The pouch is a mohair/wool/acrylic blend.

Image Hosted by

Next is a larger pouch made with an unknown fiber yarn.

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Mala beads for it are 108 wooden beads, unikite separator beads on a cotton cord.

Image Hosted by

And 54 wooden beads, unakite separator beads on cotton cord. Pouch is TLC something or other in red.

Image Hosted by

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I'm done making these for a while. I've depleted my bead supply. I do plan on making a few more, possibly as gifts, in the future. I would love to make some out of lapis lazuli or sliver. I have time to work out exactly what I want to do.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The stash and other info

I have been trying to post for days, but blogger had my blog marked as spam. Which means I could not make posts. Now, that dirty little mess has been taken care of, I'm ready to post.

First up, I went through and organized my stash. I really needed to see what I had and to get all the types together as well as I could.

Big basket of misc acrylics and half skeins:
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Whole skeins acrylic:
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Novelty, fun fur, small fuzzy skeins:
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Current project basket:
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Now to finish the shawl that I keep putting off so I can get something new in the current project basket.

I have a few people ask about writing a pattern to the tea bag holders to post. I plan on doing that as soon as I'm finished with this shawl.

My 'August projects' list looks so empty. But, once again, I plan on filling it as soon as the shawl is done.