Monday, February 4, 2008

Punisher Finish

The Punisher intarsia...done! But, me being me, that really only means that created another project. So, mostly done.

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After making the first Punished piece, I decided to make a Punisher purse. I might be a huge comic book fan, but I'm still a girl. I hooked up a strap and a side/bottom piece and made a purse out of it. This was my first go at lining a project. It went better than expected. My first thought was to line the purse with Cookie Monster fabric. But, everyone I suggested that to flailed about and yelled 'NO WAY!'. In the end, I went with a pink fabric with heats and flowers on it. I needed something to contrast the Punisher bits.

(doing thumbnails of the images today. just click them to see the larger size)

Side 1:

Side 2:

Edge and strap connection:

The edge is one piece, wrapped around and whip stitched onto the front and back sides.


The strap is done in SC with SLST around the edge to help cut down on the stretching...and it just looks good.



Anonymous said...

would you be interested at all in producing another one to sell? I have been looking for months for a punisher purse, and as you probably well know have had no luck? If interested I can give you my email and/or telephone # Thanks ALI

Monkie said...

i'm willing to sell this one. email me at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lea said...

Do you have a pattern for just the skull? Or even as a square with the skull on it? I'm going nuts trying to figure one out.