Monday, May 14, 2007

5 point star flowers. small, very small.

My Grandmother gave me a bunch of knitting and crochet things that belonged to my Great Grandmother. This included lots of steel crochet hooks. The kind for making filet items. Doilies and such. I have never used them because their small size intimidated me. Tonight, I felt brave enough to being them out and give it a go. I wasn't going to go with a doilie as my first project on these tiny things. Recently, I tried a flower (on an 'E' hook with worsted weight yarn). It was quick and simple, I liked it. I decided that the flower would be a perfect starter project.

I did two. The larger one is on a size '0' hook and the smaller one is on a size '8' hook. The quarter is for size reference. All in all, I like them. The yarn I used wasn't the best (an older-much older skein of 3 ply Coats and Clark nylon baby yarn). I will give it another try with crochet thread.

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I scanned these. I think the darker background shows the work better but makes the flower a bit 'smashy' looking. Here is another scan sans the background.

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dollyday said...

Those are so pretty!