Monday, June 11, 2007

Couch Cover Finished!!!!

I'm finished *shock* *gasp* *faint* No, really. I finished the monster project. The huge couch cover, in the summer heat, I finished it.

It ended up taking 7 whole skeins and all but 1oz of another skien to finish it. It took about a month to do, working pretty steady on it. Maybe an hour a day on average. I'm not sure. I never was able to keep track of time like that.

Here's some finished pictures.

From the front
Image Hosted by

From the back
Image Hosted by

And now for the real reason for doing this whole project, for making 6 feet of DC on a f hook...
Image Hosted by
a very small, yet sausage like dog.

Here's what I've learned from this whole experience:

1) Never, ever make something this big in the summer. Save projects like these for winter time.
2) Try not to use a hook smaller that the yarn calls for on huge projects.
3) Even a small dog and appreciate good crocheting.

Now that's it's all done, I feel a great sense of relief. I'm working on small projects for the rest of the month. Instant gratification and all that jazz.


M said...

I object to the sausage-like dog comment but love the cover! So does Sugarfoot!

Becca said...

Such a happy looking puppy.