Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Apple A Day...

...keeps the doctor away, as long as it is not in an appletini.

My mother recently bought a set of stemless martini glasses as a gift for an aunt of mine. Here's what they look like:

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By yarnmonkie

They are for drinking Appletinis. Just reading the ingredient list makes me shudder. The drink is made with a slice of a granny smith apple in it. *shudder, again* I offered to make a coaster set to go with the gift.

After some flailing about with the yarn and teaching myself a new-to-me stitch, I got what sort of resembles an apple slice. I ended up making a set of 4 of them. Here are come pictures.

Made with Red Heart (lime green color, not sure of the exact color name), aran and Red Heart Softs brown (for the stems). on an acrylic g hook using trc, dc, hdc and sc.

One coaster:
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By yarnmonkie,

One with the glass:
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By yarnmonkie

For the record, an appletini is that exact color. Eww, eww, eww!

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Terri Lynn said...

Hi Yarnmonkey,
Good to have you hangin' out on Ravelry!!!! It's gonna be so fun!!!!