Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Headphone Covers

I am a headphone kind of gal. I own several pairs, mostly the in-ear type. Some for the computer, some for my iPod, some for my CD player, extras for the get them point. Recently, I got some new jewelry and with it, I cannot wear my ear clip style headphones that I usually wear when listening to my CD player. After digging out my over the head type headphones and using them for a few days, I realized why I never use them. I don't like the feel of the foam ear covers. I find it so distracting that I spend my whole time listening messing about with the headphones trying to get comfortable.

While listening to my CD player tonight, I remembered that I had seen some headphone cozies in a recent crochet magazine. After some digging through my magazines, I found it.

The pattern is from the September/October issue of 'Crochet Today!' page 47 listed as 'Music Cozies'. I use the pattern for the small headphone cozy (pg 48), using scrap acrylic yarn.

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The cord of the headphones was in the way of the cozy. What to do, what to do?! I ended up slipping on the cover and tying a piece of yarn through the cozy so it wrapped its self around the cord. I tried to get a picture but my camera is full of fail on close pictures.

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Hopefully you can see what I did. The whole project took about 30 minutes. That includes time hunting down the right size hook, putting the covers on and taking the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, After trying to find a headphone cover pattern for days now, I'm delighted I found yours. Love the colors and the simplicity! Would of liked the instructions tho...Don't have the book and it's not coming up in any of my searches. I wonder if possible, you can PLEASE, List them or email me a copy? I would be sooo grateful. My son has been asking if i'd make him a pair for work as he wears his headphones, Ten hrs. A day/6 days a week...Thank You!!
Adalene 0 ; )